August 2017

Last year, I told myself I should take a shot at writing. Of course, that meant putting together my own blog application—first things first—and I promptly got lost in the weeds of web frameworks, content management systems, static site generators, etc. Next to those weeds is another patch of weeds involving CSS, and next to that is the matter of deployment. However, I'm happy to say that I made it through, a little more knowledgable for it. The site has support for prose and math and code and not really images, which are still popping up at full resolution and breaking my layout, but I think it's in an acceptable state for launch.

On the back end, I'm using Django and the Wagtail CMS, then rendering a static version of the site with wagtail-bakery. Using static content means I can throw it in the cloud for cheap and not worry about maintenance, but if I want to transition to something dynamic down the road, most of the work is done.

On the front end, it's just hand-written markup. There are plenty of UI frameworks out there, but I wanted the presentation to be entirely my own. I'm also taking inspiration from a talk on website obesity by Maciej Cegłowski: Many client-side frameworks include rarely used components that are sent to the client nonetheless. I hope that most of the bytes I send will contribute to the reading experience. (I'm making an exception for Google's analytics script, which looks relatively unobtrusive.)

I have a few posts planned for this summer, so all that's left do to is write.